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Lonely. Horny. Bored.

It seems like between 2020 and 2022, we all had quite some time time to reflect; each country had a least one lockdown, if not a few, and the world felt like a completely different place. 

Out of this time of change and collective fear and loneliness came a series of drawings I called: Lonely. Horny. Bored.

The series represents not only my own struggles and processes during that time but also represents drawings inspired by conversations with strangers who volunteered to sit down and talk with me about their experiences, conflicts, and challenges during the lockdowns.

The series discusses our ways of managing the discomfort of meeting ourselves and how we deal with it. The initial focuses of the drawings were sexuality, sexual identity, and the connection between those and our self-worth. 

During 2022 I paused working on the project due to a strong need to take better care of myself and my mental health, but I'm looking forward to continuing diving into the depth of what I see as the human phenomena. Since my situation has changed a bit since I started working on the project, the drawings made during 2022 are also a part of a new series I call: The Price of Recovery.

Yoga Schedule

E276E040-BCCC-460E-B9F9-383BBA3E1AF9 (1)_edited.jpg

Me, Myself, and I (Courtney), Pencil on Paper, 50X70 cm, 2021.

Forever, Pencil on Paper, 20X20 cm, 2022.

IMG_4722 2_edited.jpg

Firm Kick (Sebastian), Graphite on Paper, 51X70 cm, 2021.

All fingers point to hell, Pencil on Paper, 2021

2022-12-20 - Nr_04_edited.jpg

Push and Pull , Pencil on Paper, 59X38 cm, 2021


A Murder of One, Graphite on Paper, 20X20 cm, 2021.

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