Lonely. Horny. Bored.

This past corona year (plus) brought with it a lot of time to reflect. What came out of all the reflecting led to the series of drawings called (for now): Lonely. Horny. Bored.

The series discusses our ways of managing the discomfort of meeting ourselves and how we deal with it. The initial focuses of the drawings were 
sexuality, sexual identity, and the connection between those and our self worth. 


Yet, after meeting with almost a dozen wonderful beings who agreed to take part in the project, the topics broadened. Obviously we have various ways to distract ourselves from confronting ourselves, and it was interesting to listen and have honest talks to people who wanted to open up about their conflicts, challenges, pain, and various feelings.


At the moment I am focusing on progressing with the drawings based on the talks I've had with people. After that I would love to meet up with more and give more representations to those parts of us we shamefully keep hidden.


I will notify you as soon as new dates will be available 


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Sebastian (work in progress), Pencil on Paper, 2021


All fingers point to hell (work in progress), Pencil on Paper, 2021