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Who Gave You the Right to Write?

I stop myself a lot when it comes to writing. I stop before I even start. The amount of ready to go texts I have in my head are endless, but I mostly keep them there. It’s fear I allow myself to react to. It’s fear I give in to. What am I afraid of? Well…

I’m afraid my English is not that hot.

I’m afraid my texts will come out boring to read, by me and others.

I’m afraid what I have to say is not important.

I’m afraid I’m not smart enough.

I’m afraid I’m not good enough.

I’m afraid I’m not enough.

And to all the fears on the list above I now say; “Hey y’all! Good to have you around! Make yourself comfortable and feel free to stay around while I sit down and do some writing.” You see, I’ve been holding back for a very very long time and I got to the point where I’m so familiar with the voices I finally learned how to react differently to them. I allowed them to just be instead of fighting them. Then I chose to listen to other voices, the ones that come from my heart, instead of the ones that are in my head.

Now I know I don’t have to be the best English writer in order to put my thought in words.

Now I know that opinions are subjective and they also can change in a blink of an eye.

Now I know it’s not about what I write that is important, it’s about where the words come from.

Now I don’t care whether I’m smart or not because I don’t seek for approval.

Now I see fear as a friend.

Now I know I’m enough.

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