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Full Moon Yoga Nidra - 20/10

Today, Wednesday, is full moon day. Full moons represent the end of the cycle/process; it's the highest peak of the mountain from which all can be seen very clearly and experienced intensely.

This full moon is in Aries*, a fire sign known as ambitious, passionate, and hot-headed.

This full moon will close a chapter that started six months ago, when a new moon in Aries was celebrated.

The last six months led you to this point, where you see your true heart's desire more clearly. You know better what you are ready to let go of (it doesn't mean it's easy, but your heart knows it's right).

On this full moon, you can bring more fire into dreams or processes that have been in your heart for a while (or forever ;)). You are invited to use the Aries ambition and move forward! See what is to be released and do it!

On the other hand, pay attention and think twice before jumping into new adventures - that might just be the Aries hot-headedness talking and not a true heart's desire (but you are the one who knows best).

Now is a good time to reflect on the last six months, see what processes have started, what you learned, and where you will go from here. You've got some great fire on your side.

You can also create the yoga Nidra affirmation/San Kalpa around these topics.

Here is the recording of the yoga Nidra practice from the full moon eve, Tuesday, 19/10 (sorry for the poor quality, it's a zoom recording :))

Thank you for reading, listening, being:)


*The astrological interpretation of the moon day can be used as a recommendation. You can use it as a tool that focuses you on certain area/s in life. Nothing is a fact. yet, all can be learned from.

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