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Full Moon in Pisces - 20-21/9

Are you ready to ride some emotional waves? Whether you're ready or not - the full moon in Pisces is coming on Tuesday, and you can get ready to get sentimental. Full moons shed their light on everything, but in this case, we are talking about feelings - and those are somewhat challenging to illuminate. Unfortunately, feelings are sometimes hard to detect, and the process of trying can be so frightening at times that we might feel a great need to escape.

In the days before the full moon (and a few after), pay attention to your escape mechanisms. Remember that no matter how far you run, whatever you are running from will eventually come biting you in the ass. As Placebo put it: "I know, the past will catch you up as you run faster" (I Know, Placebo) If you can't find the space and ability to shed light on your feelings at the moment, try to find different ways to connect - journaling, meditation, quiet walks in nature, a good book, etc. And don't be discouraged, this full moon is also said to be full of strong intuition, imagination, creativity, and profound wisdom to connect it all, and with all - those qualities are available for you to use.

Pisces is the sign that seals the wheel. In that sense, under the Pisces energy, you already have it all and know it all. Use this energy to connect, feel, purge some emotional baggage, and grow.

As a member of the Pisces tribe, my humble contribution on this full moon is to give a Yoga Nidra session; an opportunity for you to relax, connect, clean your garden, plant new seeds, and heal. Now that you know a bit more about the upcoming full moon*, you can plan better and come up with a positive affirmation for the Yoga Nidra practice.

The practice will take place on Tuesday, 21/9, at 19:05 CET (20:05 TLV) If you are in Berlin, you are more than welcome to join me in the studio. If not, the session is also available online, for free. Sign up here Studio: Online (via zoom): Stay present and see you soon, Shiran * The full moon text I write is a mix of articles I read and intuitive writing. You don't have to “believe in it” to take part in the practice. All are welcome whether astrology is their thing or not <3

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