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Drawings Speak Louder Than Words
2022-12-20 - Nr_06_edited.jpg

welcome to my world

swimming in the sea of endless creativity, I do my best to allow it a full expression.

It is a great challenge; I won't deny it. Exposing my deepest feelings, fears, thoughts, and behaviors terrify me most of the time, yet somehow I seem to keep on doing it.

Maybe it's because I do know that otherwise, living life doesn't feel like living.
It's similar to the difference between shallow breathing and filling up your lungs with rich air; one feels somewhat dead, and the other is present, awake, and fulfilled. You also can't know one without the other. 


I ride the waves in between shallow and completeness, and also very low lows and great heights, like us all.

My drawings are a reflection of how I feel and what I discover along the ride.


Image Gallery

Feelings turned into images drawn on paper


All dance together in grey monochrome and random splashes of color.

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