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Doll Parts - in Photos

Collaboration with Hadar Dolan

Collaborating with Hadar came to mind when I started wondering maybe I'm the only one who feels the way I do about my place and role in life. I knew from looking around and talking to others that I'm not the only one feeling I poses thoughts and patterns that don't align with my true core values.


I was also curious to see how my thoughts and feelings, expressed on paper, will be expressed by a photographer; a medium I love and deeply respect. It was also very interesting to me to see how the two mediums, whom some see as competitors for the same slot, will communicate and speak on the same topic.


At first, I admit I was a bit of a control freak, trying to set the tone for the photoshoot, but quickly realized I have to step back give space for the new set of eyes in front of me. Some ideas were a result of both of our minds, some were individual, but the frame was always Hadar’s frame. And I loved it. 

I love Hadar's perspective. Her way of looking, seeing and perpetuating the subject.


In the name of celebrating co-creations.


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