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Doll Parts

I can try to make it pretty and witty. I can choose a vague way to describe it so it sounds like I’m not at all self-absorbed. But the bottom line is; Doll-Parts is simply a representation of me not wanting to be a doll anymore. or at least that's how it all started.


Somewhere along the way came the feeling I don’t want to play the part I’ve been given in life. I want to be the one who chooses her path instead of walking one that was paved for me. I want to be free of my own limiting beliefs and of standards I decided to pick up for some reason;

I don’t have to cake my face, shave my pits, or hide my tits. 

I can question sexuality, relationships, and spirituality.
I don't have to seak my worth outside of myself.
I can step away from the mainstream to find my stream.

The fun part is, that after admitting myself I'm such a doll, I've started to see more and more areas where I accumulated other’s thoughts, ideas, and behaviors. I was seeing myself through other people's eyes.


Other than the obvious body issues and the struggling artist mentality, one of the ideas I identified as "me" was that "My story" doesn't matter. It's not important. And for more years than I'm willing to admit I've been keeping my voice and art hidden thinking they had no right to stand on their own because they are based on my experience, thoughts, and impressions. And those, I believed, are not important.


Nowadays I don't think they're important either, instead, I just don't care. Art is a language I speak to express myself. I create it first as a way to communicate my inner-self. Then, putting it out there is a form of therapy, a means to let go of shame and fear of other's opinions (that used to define me). And lastly, there is a chance my art will benefit others, whether on the aesthetical level or on a deeper level.





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