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Shiran Berkovich and Hadar Dolan

“Would you be a doll and…?


”The answer usually depends on the request. Yet, this phrase always implies that acting a certain way would make you nicer and so, more likable.


The Be a Doll exhibition visually ponders our tendency to follow external ideals and ideas instead of our authentic inner calling; or choosing to act according to what would make us fill up our suit better, instead of going for a suit that fits.


This tendency seems to affect many areas in our lives, and form an identity we later find hard to shake off, even when it does not serve us anymore.


The images in the exhibition belong to two different mediums; drawing and photography. Both have rich, and not always peaceful, joined history. The similar language of realistic part-doll figures, colored mostly in black, white, and greyscale, deepens the discussion on identity in the digital age. It also shows how, in life and art, we're created of many layers and use different perspectives to speak the same heart.


May this external visual experience allow an internal visual one.


Eyes look outward - and reflect inward.

You can find all the exhibition texts in the catalog down Below:

Exhibition Catalogue

Be a Doll 2020.png

B.A.D Talks

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