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Shiran Joy Berkovich

Born in Beer Sheva, IL

Lives & works in Berlin, GR


I've started drawing when I was a little girl like most kids do, but I guess what differs me from others is that I never stopped. Drawing became a second language through which I could express my thoughts and feelings and also see the world. It was a perfect solution for the shy girl I used to be, and in some ways, still am; To communicate without saying a word.

My art reflects my thoughts and emotions as an observer; upon myself, and the world around me.


I always use a (somewhat) human figure to represent my message. I believe our external shell is a powerful tool that speaks out messages directly and simply. 


My color palette and the images on the canvas are minimal, and it is a conscious choice. I feel the minimalism creates peace for the eyes, and that peace allows our eyes and mind to concentrate and contemplate on the deeper levels.


Today, when all we see are violently colorful screens, subtlety and monochrome appear to be a new and "sane" way to truly connect.



2013-2015 - M.A. (Art History), Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel 

2010-2012, B.A. in Art history, General History, and Creative Art, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.


Solo Exhibitions

2020 - Doll-Parts, Yoga Hub, Berlin, Germany

2019- Art creating Reality (lecture), International Women's Day festival, Rishon LeZion City Hall, Israel.

2018-2019 - "Role Model: Women Larger Than Life", Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel

2018- "Evi Yogis", Studio Naim, Tei-Aviv, Israel

2016 - "Draw a Role Model", Florentine Quartet, Tel Aviv, Israel


Group Exhibitions

2015- “Women, awareness, strength”, Haifa Auditorium, Israel

2014- 44 Degrees Online Art Magazine, Issue 14

2014- “Secret Postcard Project”, Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel

2014- “Paper Whispers”, Muza Plus Gallery, Jaffa, Israel

2014- “Bachelorhood”, Koresh Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

2008- Ben-Gurion University, Israel



2017 - "The Story of a Solid Rock"

2017 - "Israeli- English Dictionary: Phrases and Expressions non-Israelis would not understand"



2015- Present - Freelance Art History lecturer

2012- Present - Freelance Drawing and Painting instructor.

2020 - Drawing Instructor, SAE Institute.

2014-2016 - Art History Lecturer, Open University, Israel.

2013-2015 - Teaching assistant, Department of communication,  Sapir College, Israel.

2012-2015 - Drawing and Painting instructor, Ben-Gurion University student Union, Israel.

2009-2010 - Teaching Assistant, Department of Art History, Ben-Gurion University, Israel.








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