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Life and moments turned into images, screaming in silently.  


The Price of Recovery

We all swim in the same pool, yet see the water through our own eyes, feeling with our own hearts and processing with our own minds. We never know when the moment to face another aspect of ourselves will come along.  And when it comes, we can't predict whether we will keep on living in denial or choose to face it. 
Choosing to see and deal with the feared and unwanted was a very uncomfortable experience for me, to put it gently. It was also very hard to create for a while.
I stayed with every image for a long time, probably the time it took me to process each step of the way.


The page for this collection of drawings is still in the making. 



The conflicts between the self we learned to be and the self we genuinely are, accompany us throughout our lives. 

We spent most of our childhood learning what we'll spend our entire adulthood trying to forget.

The "Doll-Parts" drawings are a representation of these conflicts. 

2022-12-20 - Nr_01.jpg

Be A Doll Exhibition

At the end of 2020, the photographer Hadar Dolan and I teams up and created an online exhibition.


The photos for the exhibition were taken around the time I started drawing the doll figures and communicating with the subject. 


The pictures and drawings were curated together to bring to the front a powerful message, calling for taking a closer look at our thoughts, choices, and true voices. 

Be a Doll 2020.png
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